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A big part of feeling good and giving the cortisol (stress hormone) a break is by using some natural drugs in the brain (dopamine and serotonin).  These start with staying grounded.  Here are about 30 that you can pick and choose what works for you and what situations you might use them to reset before jumping into some big tasks.


Then it is the rule of three when things coming up are going to put a bit of pressure on you right before you do them

1) ground yourself with the above before the event and remind yourself of what you can/can’t do coming up next

2) Working through the issue and ground yourself if needed

3) Celebrate, walk around the park and/or do creative things you haven’t done in a long time

The last part is huge because your brain starts to shift from protect mode to wow, no matter what pressure comes up you’ve got some kindness planned for you after it.


Have a try and let us know how you go


What i would recommend is writing down the triggers for you that come up (when you are in a good vibe).  Write down what you are hearing, seeing, and feeling when these physical triggers and/or ill feelings are.  Its important to put these down on times and days of the week they are most pronounced for you


The next step is on the next piece of paper pick the top three ones that really put you into a spiral.   Then write a plan that when 1, 2, 3 come up what your action plan is for these to sustain them until they subside.  Everything that comes up must come down.  In other words your sympathetic nerve gets into defend mode but eventually the para-sympathetic nerve brings things down and soothing entails


So when these symptoms come up on the paper you write down your action plan.  Then in the next column you write something fantastic you enjoy doing that really can almost erase or completely erase that physical sensation due to the other external stimulation you have


Then its you are prepared for these symptoms, you have a plan to manage them when they spike and then you have rewards planned with the people you love and/or other things that are really good things that are meaningful that you can see the whole landscape rather than just avoiding the feelings altogether until they overwhelm you.

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